Around Knowledge Platform
The Around Knowledge Platform works by identifying the signals from cell phones. We can measure the position of many thousands of mobile phones in real time and visualize their paths with a high degree (up to 98%) of accuracy. Our solution works by passively collecting all data through antennas that we install throughout our customer’s premises and by using our proprietary algorithms to analyze it in real-time.

Completely anonymous

No access to phone number, name or any other type of personal information

Web Access

Access all the captured data through our web dashboard from anywhere

Real time data and customized reports based on your requirements

Tailored to your mall, your store, your business


All data is saved in a redundant database

Servers are hosted in the EU but other locations are possible

No personal information is ever stored

Accuracy & reach

Up to 98% accuracy

Pinpoint location to less than 1m 2

real-time data collection

Works with any GSM/WiFi/Bluetooth device

Completely passive: no user action or app is needed

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