Movvo CEO, Cyrus Gilbert‑Rolfe talks technology, expansion and opportunities

Since picking up the reigns as Movvo CEO, Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe has wasted no time in spreading the word about Movvo’s groundbreaking location analytics technology. In the latest of a series of interviews Cyrus met with Bennett Voyles of Shopping Centres Today.

He talks frankly and with refreshing honesty about his childhood and upbringing as the son of hippy artists and how a somewhat nomadic lifestyle influenced his direction on leaving school at 16 to work in retail at Camden Market. It’s a background that has served him well, with valuable experience gained setting up the first intranet in the City of London, on to Netscape and other big-beasts including Microsoft and a start-up subsequently acquired by IBM. Sensing exciting opportunities, Cyrus moved in to the burgeoning shopper-location analytics scene as Chief Operating Officer with Path Intelligence.

But the interview is more about looking forward than back. Cyrus talks with passion about Movvo’s location-analytics technology and the benefits it offers. He talks enthusiastically about the opportunities in Asia and the reality of breaking into the USA market for those without his network of contacts.

With an eye on future expansion the interview also touches on the incredible tech-scene in Portugal and Movvo’s expansion plans, which include a move of Movvo HQ to London to capitalise on the city’s global reputation.

It’s an upbeat and positive portrayal of an energised and motivated CEO, at the head of one of Portugal’s hottest technology start-ups.