Tracing the Path to Retail Excellence
What if you had the insight into how shoppers interact with your business?

Retail Inspiration from Movvo Innovation

One advantage held by ecommerce over physical, brick and mortar retail business is the ability to analyze and understand every facet of shopper behavior. Online shoppers leave a trail as they browse and buy. For real-world retailers though, the picture is not so clear.

Now though, with a little inexpensive hardware and the powerful Movves analytic algorithm, you can attain almost total transparency of your customers’ activity.

A Breakthrough in Retail Business Analytics

Movves gives you the ability to passively trace shoppers as they move through your retail store, supermarket, department store or shopping center.

Using indoor tracking technology to record cell phone movements, Movves analyzes all your visitors’ activity to provide actionable, real-time KPIs in a web-based dashboard.

The More You Know, the More You Grow

Bring down your operational costs
React fast to changes in customer buying patterns
Optimize the deployment of staff
Enhance the customer experience
Identify new ways to increase margins
Improve the layout of your retail spaces

Total Privacy

The tracking process captures no sensitive data from shoppers’ devices.
Movves (as implemented by Sonae Sierra) has been granted the European Privacy Seal.

TRUSTe Privacy Certification