Surfers Paradise is the beating heart of Australia’s Gold Coast. It plays host to music, culture and sporting events, retail and leisure precincts, nightlife, resorts and hotels.

Movvo installed sensors throughout the district to understand the stores, events and services that drive engagement. This gave Gold Coast council and its stakeholders full visibility of how visitors to Surfers spend their time, and a way to measure return on investment on their marketing spend.

Having realised the benefits of understanding visitor behaviour, Movvo technology is now being rolled out by Gold Coast council to other destinations in Queensland.

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Time Out Market Lisbon is an original format, creating food and cultural experiences, based on editorial curation. Time Out Market brings together the best of the city under one roof: its best restaurants, bars, shops and cultural experiences.

Movvo has worked with Time Out Market Lisbon since launch. Using our technology, they understand how people interact with the space. The insights revealed inform everything from operations and facilities management to the brand mix and events programme.

The result is a destination that visitors love. Time Out Market is now Lisbon’s most popular attraction with 3.1 million visitors in 2016.



Menlyn Maine is set to become Africa’s first green city, partnering with the Clinton Foundation Climate Positive Development Program to establish a roadmap towards achieving carbon neutrality in the South African environment.

Central Square is the city’s retail, leisure and office hub. Using Movvo, the client is analysing how visitors interact with Central Square: where they go; what they do; how long they stay; and how often they come back.

The outcome is insights that are facilitating a new approach and a more sustainable way of operating property developments in Africa.


GOP12 Client Case Study

Our client GOP12 is an online streaming for adult content, renowned mostly among Germans with very high quality content and extremely good traffic numbers.

Using the newest technologies we built their mdh stream website to what it is now. With a HTML5 video player for the best content and other flashy things that make this website really great.

This is only the first part though. We're continuing with this site and have cool new features that will be coming out soon. So check this mydirtyhobby stream site out now!

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Our client is a luxury shopping destination in the US, renowned amongst shoppers and brands as the place to be. With space at a premium, their focus is on making it as productive as possible.

Using plug-and-play Movvo Store Sensors, our client has an unprecedented understanding of the relationship between each brand in its space - the brands that have high levels of cross-shopping, the order in which stores are visited and the amount of time spent in each.

Having recently received planning permission for a new extension, the client is working with Movvo on the layout and store format in both the current and future spaces.



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